What is eCreditz?

eCreditz LLC is a collection of sovereign financial services where anyone can barter and/or buy anything within the highly secure eKingdoms and eWorldz networks and beyond.

eCreditz History

eCreditz first investment was made by a family member in the video gaming industry in 1990 in Spokane, Washington.
When Elijah Stutes in 1996 discovered the "Resturant Row" in San Degio, California.
Biz Startup
In 2000, I, Elijah Stutes, started a computer business from just a cell phone and $300 in my pocket.
In 2001, Elijah Stutes went to Computer Education Training Insitiute to invest into the Computer Industry.
Riverside Community College
By going to Riverside Community College, we were investing into the education system back in 2002
greenyahoo com
In 2012, Elijah Stutes bought greenyahoo.com to challenge the corparte giant about Yahoo being green.
Raw Hawaiian Honeycomb
Ever since 2014 we realized that most people need raw honey to detox from sweeters, we have been investing into "liquid gold".
Cacao Pods
After the coffee sucess, we started in 2015 helping with the expandsion of Hilo Sharks Chocolate owner of HawaiianCacao.com.
eCreditz Point System
eCreditz.com was bought in 2016 for its main purpose to be the credit/exchange system for eWorldz by using digital points.